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The Top Label and Packaging Solutions for Dairy Deli Bake 2015

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

May 21, 2015 12:00:00 PM

The International Dairy Deli Bake expo is just around the corner. Weber will be showcasing three unique labeling product areas that can help you with your food packaging. Stop by our booth, #5071, to see what's new with:

  1. High-quality custom food labels
  2. Labeling systems for high-speed food labeling
  3. On-demand color inkjet label printers

Food Labels

It's important that your packaging matches, or exceeds, the quality of the food product you're selling. Weber has worked with both small bakeries and national food distributors to help them redesign their labels to elevate their brands. If you're considering updating your labels, take a look at what our many successful customers have done with our print technology.

Featured in our booth will be examples of "grab-and-go" sandwich packaging, deli meat labels, and other high-end artisan food brand labels that use unique, eye-catching materials and designs.

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Are Packaging Trade Shows a Thing of the Past?

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Jan 12, 2015 2:07:00 PM

These days you can learn almost everything you need to know about a company and their products by researching them online. Corporate websites, blogs, trade publications and social media all offer you a fantastic space for product education. Does that mean trade shows are dead?

No! For some industries it might be hard to see the value in these traditional events, but for packaging it's a no-brainer. If you're planning on purchasing packaging equipment in 2015 or need ideas for a packaging redesign, a trade show is the best place to learn about your options. 


Benefits of Attending Packaging Trade Show

Networking with Industry Experts

There is no better place to meet fellow packaging experts than at a packaging trade show. Show organizers are even creating networking events on-site that make it easy to meet more packaging professionals. 


Packaging Education Seminars

Keep your skills sharp and learn from speakers from top companies! Most packaging trade shows offer seminars or speaking events from top packaging professionals like Berlin Packaging and GE Healthcare. 


Equipment Demos 

We love sharing our products on YouTube and our website, but we know that live demos are more powerful and offer visitors a chance to get up close to the equipment. In our booth, we showcase a variety of label applicators and label printer-applicators demo-labeling products from clamshells to distribution cartons. Before you attend a show like this, review the companies exhibiting and add them to your show schedule app. As you're making your final decision on the equipment you'll purchase, you'll probably have a few final suppliers/products in mind. Use a trade show as an opportunity to visit the suppliers and compare the products under one roof. 


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5 Label Trends from Pack Expo 2014

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Nov 17, 2014 9:20:28 AM


Pack Expo 2014 at Chicago's McCormick Place was a huge success! Not only was this the biggest packaging trade show in terms of space with 1.2 million square feet of exhibits, but it was also record breaking in attendance as over 50,000 attended.

At Weber's booth, we talked to many new businesses and companies that were looking for ideas and solutions for their future labeling projects.

Since labeling covers just about every demographic and category, we helped customers with everything from labeling small cosmetic containers to craft beer bottles to high speed carton labeling at distribution centers.

Check out some of the trends we noticed from Pack Expo 2014.


Top 5 Label Trends

1) Pouch Labeling

Pouch packaging is in! For food products like granola, nuts and coffee beans, a stand-up pouch makes a big impact on the shelf and can be an affordable packaging option. The biggest issue for a lot of these businesses is the high minimums for pre-printed flexible pouch packaging.

A quick fix to this is to purchase blank or clear pouches and apply labels to handle the variable information. You can order a standard size label with your logo and variably print nutriitonal information or anything that changes among flavors. A popular solution to handle this of labeling a label printer-applicator or the  Alpha Compact label applicator system.


2) Craft Beverage Labeling

This year, more than ever, we received a lot of interest from craft breweries, small-batch distilleries and winery start ups.

The most common question among all three was how could they get low volume labels with an artisan look that give off a high-end image. To show how we can solve this problem, we handed out lots of beverage digital label samples that were a hit among the brewers and distillers. 

Our uniquely-designed craft beer labels were our most popular samples for attendees to take!


3) Sustainable Labels

Each year we notice more and more people requesting information on sustainable materials for their labels. Requests included labels that were biodegradable, recyclable or even made with post-consumer waste.

A wide variety of materials are available to fulfill this need. Talk to your label expert for details. Expect to see more demand for green labels!


4) Small Business Product Labeling

There were many small business owners who visited us at Pack Expo. Like the craft beverage industry, label volumes tend to be low and price is a major consideration.

Many of them are looking to get into promotional or personalized packaging. Both the HP Indigo digitally printed labels and the on-demand label printer, the QuadraColor, were popular among small businesses looking to improve their image.


5) Labeling Systems for Clamshells

A labeling challenge we hear a lot about involves clamshells. Standard wipe-on label applicators have trouble applying labels to these clamshells, especially at high speed.

This year many people were interested in our HERMA Tamp-Blow labeling system which accurately applies a label to the recessed area of the clamshell lid.  Because this is a non-contact labeling system, the HERMA Tamp-Blow can accurately apply labels to the recessed lid consistently and quickly.



If you couldn't make it to the show we have you covered! We can send you label samples from our booth. If you want to talk about an upcoming label project, talk to one of our labeling experts.


Get free label samples


We're also sharing our Pack Expo show discount! Use the code PE14 to receive 10% off a order. This offer expires 12-31-14!

See you next year in Las Vegas for Pack Expo 2015!


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Get the Most Out of Your Time At Pack Expo 2014

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Sep 5, 2014 2:03:00 PM

When attending a large show like Pack Expo International, you'll want to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.

Since we're veterans at this show and exhibit at several packaging trade shows a year, we put together a list of ways you can maximize your time while at McCormick Place and have some fun in Chicago.


Map Your Schedule

Not only is Pack Expo the largest packaging show in the country but it is also now co-located with Pharma Pack, making it the largest US packaging show ever. This show is also set to break packaging show attendance records! Before heading to McCormick Place, check out the Map My Show feature on Pack Expo's website. Review the exhibitors at the show and the layout of the convention center and build your own show schedule. Don't get overwhelmed by the show space; be prepared.


Set Up Appointments

If there is a specific person you want to talk to from an exhibiting company, contact them beforehand to set up a meeting at the show. In our booth, we keep track of any guests who are planning to stop by. If there is a specific person you'd like to talk to or see a demo with, let us a know ahead of time so we make sure they're available.


Attend Show Events

Besides attending to see the latest in packaging innovation, come for the education and network opportunities. There are many seminars and learning events scheduled for Pack Expo this year.

Here's a list of a few:

  • Learn How to Realize the Potential ROI of Reusables
  • Stay on Top of Safety Challenges
  • Learn How Next-Generation Packaging Can Improve Profits
  • There will also be free seminars everyday throughout the show

If you're looking for entertainment at Pack Expo, check out Jay Leno on Monday night after the show. Tickets also include beer, wine and light hors d'oeuvers. A portion of the ticket sales support the K9s for Warriors charity.

Coming from out of town? Here are some tips from locals.

  • Avoid the long wait at the taxi line after the show. There will be several free large shuttle buses bringing attendees back to almost anywhere you need to be in the Loop and downtown area. This is a great way to save time because, trust me, the cab line in front of McCormick Place after a show ends is very long at 4 p.m.


  • Attend a Chicago Blackhawks game on Sunday November 2nd. There won't be a Bears game on Sunday but you can enjoy an NHL game at the United Center.


  • Be prepared for Chicago weather! Fall in Chicago can be anywhere from a very comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the forecast before you start packing.


  • Try Chicago food favorites like deep dish pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef. A Weber employee favorite is Portillo's, known for their Italian beef, hot dogs and pastas.



Free Pass to Pack Expo 2014


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5 Reasons to Attend SouthPack 2014

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Apr 7, 2014 1:35:00 PM

Trade shows are still one of the most valuable ways for you to network and discover solutions that help your business.  Even though most of us do our initial research online, these traditional events still provide a lot that a website or YouTube video can't.

Here are 5 reasons to attend the upcoming SouthPack 2014 show in Charlotte, NC next week, April 15-16, at the Charlotte Convention Center:

In-Person Networking

I love to network using LinkedIn, but sometimes it doesn't compare to the value of face-to-face conversations. Trade shows are a great place to network because there are thousands of people under one roof who have something in common with you or your business needs.

New this year: Speed Networking event is Tuesday, April 15th at 1:30pm. Once you've registered for the show, you can register for the networking event. There you can customize an hour of mini-meetings to gain industry knowledge.


Live Demos

Trade shows give you the best opportunity for live equipment demos. Suppliers are bringing their best and newest packaging and labeling systems to the show. This not only allows you to see the machines run from different angles, but also lets you compare them to other brands systems all in one place.

Weber's booth we will have our system engineers and our product manager available to demo the new HERMA Tamp-Blow label applicator, along with several other labeling and print & apply systems.


Speakers and Seminars

Trade shows often offer educational events where you can either learn about new equipment, gather insights about current trends in your industry, or listen to world-class speakers talk about business.

This year SouthPack has invited 19 packaging industry speakers to talk to attendees and has organized several educational seminars. SouthPack's Learning Labs include 3D printing education and ways to modernize the manufacturing process. Check out their website for details on the Learning Labs and speakers.


Gather Supplier Info for Future Purchases

I've talked to so many people who stop in our booth and say, "I'm here for something else, but we do use labels..." Sometimes you don't realize you need something until you see it in a booth at a show. And often that means your labeling project is down the road. Trade shows are a great place to research options for future projects and collect information or samples.

You might even find inspiration for a current project after seeing other packaging examples.


See Weber's Labels and Labeling Systems

Stop by booth 1919 to see our labels, labeling systems and stand-alone label printers. We'll have a large rack of label sample rolls from just about every industry you can image. Plus, we'll be giving away sample packs so you can take a closer look at material and print options when you get back to your office.

New to our SouthPack booth is the Geset 121 bottle-wrap system. We will demo the system wrapping beer labels on bottles.  We're also bringing our brand new HERMA Tamp-Blow label applicator system that allows non-contact labeling of packages and products. This new system is ideal for labeling recessed areas on clamshell containers.


If you'd like information about trade show passes, or our new labeling systems, send us a message below. If you can't make it to the show, follow our Tweets @WeberPackaging.

Contact Weber

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Pack Expo 2013: Innovations in Labels and Packaging

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Oct 7, 2013 8:45:00 AM

Wow! What an amazing Pack Expo show. With general show attendance up about 7% this year, our booth was buzzing with start ups, big businesses and future packaging engineers.

At this show we debuted our new larger booth layout, a couple of new products, and a very large assortment of labels manufactured by Weber.


Here were the highlights:


Decorative Custom Labels

Our booth featured two large label racks and lots of shelves that showed label rolls from dozens of industries.

We loved having the opportunity to share the print technology of our HP Indigo digital label presses, showing off a variety of label materials and the outstanding creativity of our Graphics department.

A popular topic that came up often in our booth was customers asking about updating their packaging with new label designs or materials. The major label trend in our booth was clear label material on clear packaging. Whether it was for wine, juice or sandwich packaging, people liked the high-end look of a clear label on their glass or plastic containers.


QuadraColor Inkjet Label Printer

As it has been at our last couple of shows, the QuadraColor inkjet label printer was a big hit!

Many visitors to our booth were looking for in-house label printing options or an alternative to the label printer they currently use. They were impressed with the high-resolution quality of the labels and how easy it is to operate the QuadraColor.

We found that food companies who have multiple SKUs want the flexibility to print the labels for their flavor varieties on-demand.

Visitors were also impressed that the QuadraColor label printer holds up to 250 different label designs in its memory, making it easy to pull up label designs on-demand.


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