Cannabis group 2The cannabis marketplace is complicated and ever-changing.  As more products come to market in legalized states, the competition is increasing.

You have to make sure your products follow all the state regulations and yet are eye-catching enough to get the customers attention at the point of sale. 

At Weber, we have the solutions to make your labels both look fantastic and also follow all the requirements for your state.  We have a huge selection of label materials and coatings so your labels are durable, too. 

Labeling-Equipment_PL-521_FLWe can also help you apply those labels with one of our label application systems that can match your production speeds. Our PackLeader label applicators can apply labels to round containers or tubes/vials at up to 131 feet per minute. Automate your labeling to save time and money!

Whether your are labeling vials, jars, boxes or just about any other container, we can help you get started on the road to success. Weber can supply all your labeling needs with reliable products at the best prices in the industry.

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Cannabis Label Info