Check out the features of the L-A 6000

Large fulfillment and distribution centers need to label huge amounts of variable sized cartons at ever increasing line speeds with accurate shipping information. And they need that labeling system to be reliable and cost-effective.

Weber has the answer.

Weber’s new L-A 6000 high-speed variable-height print-apply system will label passing cartons of varying heights quickly, accurately and efficiently.  Watch this video to see how to get high-speed labeling on the top of cartons with this new system.

• Interchangeable dispensing heads allow the use of different label sizes.

• Print engines by leading manufacturers such as Zebra and SATO allows an optimal match to the application and its specific printing requirements. (Thermal-transfer or direct-thermal.)

• Peak performances is achieved using a servo motor driven dispensing applicator and carbon fiber construction.

• The L-A 6000 will handle large label rolls with an ergonomically adjustable reel holder taking maximum roll size of up to 13.7” (350mm) in diameter.

A sensor initially determines the height of the approaching product for labelling and then the applicator moves to the correct position at high speed. This reduces the travelling distance for label application, allowing the L-A 6000 to simultaneously label more accurately and up to 50 percent faster than a label printer-applicator with a pneumatically driven cylinder.
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