Need a low-cost automated labeling solution?

LA-2050-print-apply-system.jpgFeaturing a variable stroke tamp and sensor, the LA-2050 provides automatic labeling for products of different heights. Able to apply up to 25 labels per minute, the system can be used as part of an automated production line or as a stand-alone unit in a jig fixture for accurate labeling.

The LA-2050 uses a 300-dpi Sato CLNX thermal-transfer label printer that can print thermal-transfer or direct thermal labels as small as 1.1” x 1.5” up to 4.7” x 6.2” (ideal for 4”x 6” shipping labels). The printer uses a 8” label roll and up to 1968-foot ribbons for longer continuous operation between changes. The printer works with many programming languages such as ZPL, DPL, IPL, and TPL without having to change any settings.

Tamp-blow application. This is a very popular method of air-assisted label placement used with standard applications, and is particularly useful in the labeling of recessed areas. A printed label is fed onto a tamp pad and held by vacuum, a servo-powered cylinder extends to within .25 inch of the product, and the label is blown onto its surface to a placement accuracy of 0.05".

Numerous I/O's. The system can be interfaced with many types of external devices using 1 x USB (type B), 1 x LAN, Bluetooth, 1 x USB (Type A), 1 x IEEE1284, optional W-LAN.

Print job storage. Multiple label printing formats can be stored in the system's memory, making it easier for an operator to select a job directly from the applicator instead of downloading a computer file.

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