Transthin-400-labels---12'-rollWeber's new Transthin 400 label material is specially manufactured for use with high-speed label print-apply systems where label changeover is a problem. 
By creating a label material that is thinner, Weber has increased the number of labels per roll by more than 50%! This means less production downtime changing label rolls on your label printer-applicators. And that saves man-hours spent reloading printers.
Couple the new Transthin 400 labels with Weber's new ECO thermal-transfer resin-enhanced ribbons, and you have an unbeatable combo. The ECO ribbons produce dark high-density printing on most materials including matte & semi-gloss papers and synthetics. They are specially built for high-speed label printing up to 12 ips with outstanding edge definition. 

If you are looking to increase your labeling efficiency and reduce labor costs, you need to audition the Transthin 400 labels and ECO ribbons. 

To receive some samples labels or ribbons for your project, just contact us with the form. If you have questions, give us a call at 1.800.843.4242 or email us at for more help.

Transthin 400 Label Info