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Weber Alpha HSM high speed label applicator

It seems like packaging lines are going faster and faster these days, and more production is being automated for higher line speeds. It can be hard to find the right labeling system to fit into your manufacturing process.

We have a solution.

The Alpha HSM, which features modular construction, is a high-speed labeling system that can be configured in a variety of models to handle multiple speeds and label sizes.

Every packaging line is different, so Weber engineered the modular Alpha HSM so that it can be ordered in one of ten different versions to fit just about any labeling application. Available in right- or left-hand versions, the Alpha HSM is available in 5.3”, 7.8”, and 12.6” label width versions. The HSM can keep up with line speeds up to 500 feet/minute while dispensing up to 262 feet of label material.

With a labeling accuracy of ±0.01”, the Alpha HSM can handle labels as small as 0.39” x 0.39” and up to 12.5” x 78.7” (W x L). Depending on the label width configuration, the HSM can use label rolls up to 19” in diameter on 3” diameter cores.

Watch this video to learn about some of the features of the Alpha HSM:



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