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Chemical-label-question-markAvoid GHS Labeling Challenges

Let Weber Audit Your Labels Before OSHA Does!

Weber offers the complete package of GHS labeling solutions including software, printers and labels to help you be compliant with this chemical regulation. 

As the deadline for chemical manufacturers compliance approached, many manufacturers have thrown together a solution that is inefficient or, at worst, non-compliant. 

Our GHS Labeling Experts are available to review your current GHS labels and software to make sure you're compliant. This FREE consultation will include information on labeling software solutions that can help you avoid these problems if you're not compliant. 

Your consultation will include:

  • An audit of your labels
  • A deep dive into GHS labeling solutions
  • The option to get a demo of GHS labeling software solutions

Just fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you right away to help you make sure your GHS labels are doing everything that they should.


Get Your GHS Labels Audited