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Durable GHS Labels by Weber Packaging Solutions

As you're preparing for GHS-compliant labeling, consider the quality of the label you will be using. Weber manufactures a durable label that works with the Epson ColorWorks GP-C831 and Epson C3500 inkjet printers. This material is available in paper and an even more durable film option.

As you can see in the video below, the pigmented inks and durable material will hold up to the chemicals they come in contact with during regular use.

Remember, these labels are used for the safety of the people using the chemicals. If, over time, the print fades or is washed out, then you'll either need to replace them or put people at risk.

The Epson printers allow you to change label designs very quickly.The labels can be printed using label design software like Weber Legitronic Labeling Software or it can just be a pdf of the label built in your favorite program.

We can print you a sample of your label so you can see what it will actually look like. Plus, you'll be able to test the labels for durability and adhesion on your product. We'll also be able to give you an estimate of ink costs per label based on your artwork file! Use the form on the right to get a variety of samples on various label materials or to arrange for us to print a sample of your label.


VIDEO: Watch our Vertical Markets manager, Paul Johnson, demo the durability of the Flextuff IJ label material.  


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