Markoprint Ink Jet Systems

Easy-to-use turnkey solutions for coding requirements.

High-Performance Thermal Ink Jet Coding 

Weber's Markoprint ink jet coding solutions bring a family of TIJ systems that can help resolve common ink jet problems. 

The X1Jet is a simple, easy-to-use stand alone coder that is perfect for adding coding to your label before application. 

Our X2Jet is a two-head system with a keyboard controller that allows printing messages with the two heads independently or together for increased message height. 

And Weber's X4Jet has an advanced keyboard controller and 4 printheads for larger message height or individually for increased printing flexibility.

All the Markoprint systems use HP ink cartridges. This reduces maintenance and offers a wide variety of fast-dry inks including opaque colors.




• Highly compact design

• Simple integration into packaging lines

• Print height up to .5" (12.5mm)

• USB, Ethernet & EIA-232 connection

• LED status lights on controls

• Built-in product sensor

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• Keyboard controller

• Print height up to 1" (25mm)

• USB, LAN or EIA-232 interfaces

• Controls 2 print heads together or separately

• Automatic ink recognition

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• Keyboard with 5.7" touch display

• Controls up to 4 printheads

• Multi-channel technology

• Print height up to 2" (50mm)

• Prints up to 590'/min (180m)

• Inputs for sensor and rotary encoder

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Outstanding Features

Among the standout attributes of the Markoprint product line is their seamless integration as plug-and-play solutions for introducing inkjet coding into both new and existing packaging workflows.

We offer specialized brackets that enable the seamless integration of Markoprint systems with your existing Weber or Pack Leader label applicators. This innovative approach allows you to imprint your coding details directly onto your labels BEFORE they are applied. The result is consistently crisp and clear text or barcodes. The printhead remains securely in position, unaffected by operational movements. This means you can enhance your label applicator with coding capabilities without the need to incorporate an additional station into your packaging line.

Moreover, Markoprint coders are equipped with HP print cartridges, ensuring you receive a brand-new printhead with each cartridge replacement. This availability of a broad selection of inks ensures compatibility with any material type and guarantees immediate drying. As the bulk of maintenance issues with coding systems stem from ink delivery, simply swapping out a cartridge can resolve most problems.

X2 Jet with cannabis

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