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6 Ways to Make Your Juice Label Stick Out

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Jul 24, 2014 11:08:00 AM


If you enjoy fresh juice like I do, then you've probably noticed a lot more options lately. From the crowded shelves at Whole Foods to the new juice bars popping up around town there seem to be new companies with new flavors every day.

The local juice bars are starting to venture into bottling and distribution while established brands are growing beyond their regional Whole Foods locations and becoming available nationally. As the competition grows between juice brands, the question asked is how do you make your product stand above the others? We thought you'd be interested in a few ways to make your juice label stick out in the crowd.

Here are 6 tips for juice labels and packaging.



1. Select a Clear Container

Whether you choose a PET or glass bottle, we recommend a clear container. Being able to see the product through the packaging makes a huge impact on the store shelf. If you choose a clear label for your clear bottle you'll also have the opportunity to use the striking colors of the juice as a part of your packaging design. The color makes a big impact on the shelf.

2. Choose a Round Bottle

Square shaped bottles look great and may help your bottle get noticed but you may run into challenges in the automatic labeling process. With a round shaped bottle you'll have a lot more options in labeling equipment. As your business grows, being able to automate your labeling will make a big impact in  productivity and label placement accuracy. If you'd like to stick with a square bottle, talk to your labeling expert for custom system options.

DrinkDailyGreens_Clear_Label3. Choose a Durable Label Material

Juice bottles will likely be stored in cool and possibly moist environments. When picking a label material, keep in mind the storage conditions and the life cycle of the product. Your label should be able to withstand the typical refrigerated storage and look good for at least as long as the consumer is using it. If the label starts to peel off quickly after purchasing the product, the consumer may see your product as cheap just because the packaging appears that way.

A popular material for juice labels is film. You can even select a clear film material that lets the customer see even more of your product. A white film material option is also available. If you choose to go with a paper based label material, request a laminate to give it extra protection in the damp environment.


4.  Tell Your Brand's Story

Your label is the best place to make an impact with consumers. Tell them who you are and why your product meets their needs. If your juice is cold-pressed, use some of the label space to explain what that means or to explain the health benefits of your product. You might even include a specific story that inspired the brand.

If a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity, use some of your label space to share that and include their logo. We also recommend adding social media logos to help build a community of engaged fans of your brand.


5. Request a Sustainable Material

It's likely that a health juice consumer will also be interested in a healthy environment. Try using a sustainable adhesive that can be cleanly removed from the plastic bottle in the recycling process. Often times we believe that just because the container says it's recyclable, the rest of the packaging is as well. Some label adhesives, however, may contaminate the plastic in the recycling process. When requesting a label quote, ask for information on sustainable materials. If you choose a sustainable material, use a portion of your label space to tell your customers.  


6. Get a Quote for Digital Labels

One of the best methods of printing for juice labels is digital. With digital printing, you can run a variety of SKUs at lower quantities so inventory concerns won't get in the way of your creativity. Changing ingredients or artwork is as easy as sending in a new file to your printer for a revision at no extra charge.

Also, most juice companies don't limit their product line to just one or two flavors. If you're having your labels printed digitally, you can have as many SKUs as you want without additional plate and prep charges. This is great for juice companies who want to try new flavors or release a seasonal beverage periodically.

It's easy to test your labels before purchasing hundreds of them. A digital press proof is easily available with the HP Indigo digital press.  Sometimes you can't tell if your design or material (especially if it's a clear film) will work right with your bottle. Request information on digital press proofs if you want to test the artwork with your bottle before ordering.



Many of these tips aren't unique for juice brands; in fact, these could apply for any other beverage labels or craft drinks. Packaging design and labeling are very important priorities because they share information with consumers and become a strong piece of marketing and brand identity.

If you have more tips to add, leave us a comment!

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