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Weber Celebrates 90 Years of Labeling Excellence

Posted by Chris Erbach

Jun 7, 2022 10:59:10 AM

90th-logo---1When Joseph Weber, Sr. founded what was then known as Weber Addressing Machine Company in 1923, he not only introduced the company’s first handprinter - the Tag-O-Graph - to market but laid a solid foundation for a company that would endure the test of time.

In fact, the family-owned handprinter company that he started in Chicago nearly a century ago is now a global labeling company in its third generation! And this year, we’re celebrating the milestone of our 90th anniversary.

Weber Through the Years

In 1932, just ten years after Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line, Joseph Weber, Sr. founded Weber. And a lot has happened since we opened our doors in the 1930s. From the invention of the television and the first moon landing to the proliferation of computers and the internet, Weber has seen the world through immense change since going into business 90 years ago.

First-handprinterWeber's first product was a simple handprinter that used an ink pad and a stencil mounted on a block of wood with a handle. This allowed the user to mark multiple cartons quickly with the same information. The product line, and the company, grew slowly at first, building a loyal customer base.

With each step along the way, we have found ways for our customers and our company to thrive. By the 1940s, we introduced an Address Machine that allowed for direct, mechanical printing on envelopes and changed our name to Weber Marking Systems.

Every decade since, we’ve made significant technological advances in labeling and label printing, moving from manual to automated, digital solutions.  In line with these advances, we changed our name to Weber Packaging Solutions in 2011. That same year, we introduced our Model 4300 Pro-Apply, an economical line of printer-applicators, and installed our first Mark-Andy P7 label press, which handles the most complex print applications.

Over the next few years, we introduced innovative label solutions like RFID labels, a vast array of label materials and finishes, and digital HP label presses that provide high-quality color labels in minimum quantities. Our engineering team developed an extensive line of modular label printer-applicators and high-speed labeling systems to handle the diverse label applications of our customers.

Learn more about our history

info.weberpackaging.comhubfsModel-4050V3-first-pic-smallToday, the company remains family-owned and operated by the Weber family, with Doug Weber, Joseph Weber, Jr.’s son, leading the company as President and CEO.

“To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Weber is the experience of a lifetime,” said Doug. “Weber’s legacy has been built on the solid foundation that my grandfather laid 90 years ago, and to see it flourish has been nothing short of incredible.”

As one of the country’s largest label printers, Weber has continued to improve their ISO 9001-certified facilities with the latest high-speed flexo and digital label presses. Our custom-manufactured labeling systems feature heavy-duty designs and are globally known for their reliability.

At Weber, we continuously work to provide our amazing customers with the newest, most innovative equipment that allows them to leave their mark and realize savings. As we look to the future of labeling, which is rapidly evolving to meet consumer needs and demand, we are committed to providing products that are well built and last for many years. We proudly plan to continue Joseph Sr.’s legacy for generations to come.

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Looking to Redesign Your Label? Talk To Our Expert Graphics Team

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Aug 13, 2013 4:20:00 AM


We understand how important your packaging design is for your brand. To make sure we're producing exactly the label you designed, we have the artwork reviewed by our team of graphic specialists.

I recently had a chance to learn more about the Graphics Department when I interviewed our new Graphics manager, Joe Lozano.


What does the Weber Graphics Department do?

The team is made up of six graphic design and pre-press specialists with collectively over 40 years of experience.

This group handles label design, art file preparation, proofing, color correction, and plate-making for flexographic print jobs. Every new label, including artwork, goes through this department. They also handle some re-orders and label artwork updates.

Weber Graphics Department Weber's Graphics Department
(l to r) Annette Vanderwiel, Brent Mabe, Lee Butler, Annette Skwara, Kathy Puchalak and Joe Lozano


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Support a Cause with Your Label

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Nov 30, 2012 8:03:00 AM


Give your logo a mustache

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35 Years of Leadership at Weber Packaging Solutions

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Oct 25, 2012 4:18:00 AM

This month we celebrated a significant employee anniversary. Our label manufacturing director, Joe Ibrahim, was awarded a service award for 35 years at Weber Packaging Solutions.

I recently sat down with Joe to get to know more about him and his experience working at Weber for 35 years.


I noticed you have a large collection of golf trinkets on your desk. I take it you enjoy golfing?

I love to play golf and one of the biggest things that happened to me while golfing was my hole in one in 2005. The funny thing about that was that usually people play their whole life without getting one, so it's exciting but when I called my wife to tell her, she said, "So?"


What's your favorite golf course to play at?

Highland Woods in Hoffman Estates. It's pretty open so you have to make a pretty bad shot to not do well there. I played my best game there a few months ago. I shot a 75.


How did you get your start here? And what positions have you held?

At 20, I came to America in 1975 as a refugee from Baghdad, Iraq, and started working in Detroit, Michigan at a radiator factory. In 1977, my brother had been working at Weber in Arlington Heights IL and called me about a job opening. I drove down here for an interview, got the job and started that night as a packer.

From 1977 to 1990 I held several positions including packer, press operator, group leader and supervisor. In 1990, I had the opportunity to move to Canada to lead our manufacturing facility near Toronto in Mississauga, Canada. After a few years, I returned to run night shift label production. When we upgraded our computer system to Oracle’s ERP system, I had the opportunity to head up a new department called Label Engineering where we coordinated our customers label specifications through the production process.

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We're Celebrating 80 Years of Innovation in Labeling

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Sep 6, 2012 9:33:00 AM

Since opening our doors in 1932 as a small addressing machine company, Weber Packaging Solutions has earned worldwide status as a manufacturer of labels and labeling systems as we now celebrate our 80th anniversary.

And our past speaks for itself.

Here's a look back at some of Weber's Milestones:

  • 1932 - Joe Weber Sr. founded Weber Addressing Machine Co in Chicago, IL
  • 1938 - Weber Addressing Machine introduced the first handprinter, the Tag-O-Graph Jr.
  • 1947 - Weber Addressing Machine changes to Weber Marking Systems and moves to Mt Prospect IL
  • 1952 - Weber introduces the first electro-mechanical in-plant label printing machine
  • 1967 - Weber moved to its current headquarters of Arlington Heights, IL
  • 1973 - Weber opens facility in the United Kingdom
  • 1974 - Weber installs its first rotary flexographic press
  • 1992 - Joseph Weber Jr. becomes Chairman & CEO
  • 1998 - The first Weber-manufactured label printer-applicator was introduced
  • 2005 - RFID smart label manufacturing starts at Weber
  • 2009 - Weber expands label printing capabilities to include an HP Indigo digital press
  • 2011 - The corporate name changed to Weber Packaging Solutions

For more highlights of Weber's history, see the milestones page of our website.

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