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Coding Craft Beer Cans with Continuous Ink Jet Systems

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Apr 19, 2016 3:00:46 PM

Cans are quickly becoming a popular choice among craft brewers for distributing their beer. Whether your cans are pre-printed, labeled or covered in a shrink sleeve, you'll probably need to add a code to edge or bottom of the can. 

Today we're going to talk about the coding you'll need to add to the can whether they're pre-printed, sleeved or labeled. 


Coding Craft Beer Cans and Bottles


The code on your cans should track back to two pieces of key information:

  1. Date it was packaged
  2. Lot number that refers to the specific batch in the package

This information is important for traceability through the supply chain and will be key to following up if there is a problem with your beer. If there's an issue, you'll want to be able to track exactly where the problem occurred and how much was of your batch was affected. This helps brewers address the dilemma quickly. 

Having a "born on date" also gives the customer information on the beer's freshness. 

There is flexibility in how you code your product. For instance, you don't have to put a separate date and lot code. Instead you can use one code that cross references a lot code and package date. That code can be looked up to cross reference both pieces of information for recalls.

Coding can appear in several methods:

  • Standard or Gregorian Date package date coding
  • “Best by” date
  • Unique company specific date coding
  • Julian date coding

You can also have some fun with the coding. Some breweries leave messages on the cans!  

Today there isn't a legal requirement for brewers to add this coding - yet. However, in anticipation of this change, most brewers who are expanding their distribution will be smart to set up a  traceability method with ink jet coding.

BestCode Ink Jet Systems for Craft Beer

BestCode_Craft_Beer_Can_WestPack_Weber.jpg-large.jpegBestCode Industrial Marking and Coding Systems print best by, lot code, sell by, expiration codes and other identifying marks and codes on your packaging to ensure product traceability for your beer. So far, they have been a popular choice for breweries in Canada. Starting this year, we've made this product available throughout the US. 

These ink jet printers are durable but easy to use and require little human interaction. With the 10.4" Touch Screen display, it's easy for an operator to jump in and use it right away.

The BestCode Series 8 has a complete range of small character printing systems that print high-speed, reliable marks and codes on your container.

  • CleanStart™ industrial stainless steel printheads ready to use in one minute
  • Includes a large 10.4” Touch Screen display with intuitive icon buttons for easy use
  • Reduced fluid consumption and costs with its EcoTec™ fluid management system 
  • The one-touch shut-down button allows the operator to push the button and leave

Craft brewers love to use BestCode because it's reliable, easy to use and long lasting. Did we mention it's economical, too?

Contact Weber Packaging Solutions US or Canada for BestCode pricing and installation information. Our highly trained team is here to help you succeed. 

Learn more about BestCode Continuous Ink Jet Systems



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