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Why Are Thermathin 375 Direct Thermal Labels A Break-Through?

Posted by Linda Roser

Sep 3, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Across the labeling industry, customers are looking for more sustainable options. We are excited to announce a NEW label material that can solve the issue. Weber’s Thermathin 375 is a down-gauged, uncoated direct-thermal paper for basic applications requiring a wide temperature range.

Thinner than traditional facesheet and liners, Thermathin 375 delivers efficiencies to manufacturing, converting, shipping, transportation and warehousing through less raw material usage, increased labels/footage per roll, reduced packaging waste, reduced freight, and more. The label construction provides economic, environmental and productivity benefits.

The material features a permanent rubber-based hot melt adhesive. The adhesive has excellent tack and ultimate adhesion to a variety of surfaces including polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper and corrugate.

Direct-Thermal-Printing-Diagram.jpgThermathin 375 direct thermal labels do not require a printing ribbon so, by using these labels, there is a cost savings right away. This type of label has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed when heat from the print head is applied. Thermal labels are more accurate due to the fact that the ink is embedded in the paper instead of coming from a ribbon in the printer. 

If you are printing millions of variable information labels like shipping labels, this is the way to go. Your printer will cost less to operate. Eliminating a printing ribbon makes for easier media loading and a lower cost per printed label.

Instead of purchasing ink, toner or ribbons, in addition to the print materials themselves, only labels are needed in order to print. Thus, for short-term, high-volume printing, such as addressing boxes for shipping and fulfillment, direct thermal labels are the economically perfect answer! 

U47585-1-1Advantages of direct thermal printing include:

  • First and foremost, direct thermal labels are much more environmentally friendly
  • As they have a lower shipping weight, your carbon footprint will be greatly reduced
  • Without the need of a ribbon, a lot of time will be saved especially when you are reloading your printer
  • Direct thermal printers are simple to operate compared to most other print technologies because there is no ink, toner or ribbon to monitor or replenish
  • Direct thermal printing produces sharp print quality with good scannability
  • Direct thermal enables batch or single label printing with virtually no waste

These affordable direct thermal paper labels are appropriate for general-purpose labeling applications.

Common applications are:

  • Barcodes for many products, particularly for shipping labels, patient and visitor identification, receipts and ticket printing
  • Inventory control
  • Work-in-process
  • Point-of-purchase
  • Product Identification

We offer stock labels for 8” OD rolls for printers and 12” OD rolls for printer-applicators on our site. Check out the details and prices:

• L-6542 4.00” X 6.00” 8” OD rolls with perfs (best for tabletop label printers)

• L-6543 4.00” X 6.00” 12” OD rolls without perfs (best for label printer-applicators)



Direct thermal printing provides high quality, efficiency, and flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Thermathin 375 will be an excellent option if the product has a short life in the supply chain. It is an ideal label material that meets or exceeds the requirements of most applications and budgets! With the benefits of speed, accuracy, no ribbons, price, and reliability, direct thermal labels are an obvious choice. 

If you need more information or want to see pricing on label printers and labels, check out  They have great deals on all the things you need to get started.

• Thermal-Transfer Label Printers

• Direct Thermal Labels for labeling supplies

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