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Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Feb 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When I think about February, I always think of chocolate. It's a month full of Valentine's Day sweets! To celebrate we're highlighting our friends at GrownUp KidStuff. They produce delicious gourmet chocolate sauces and use visually-striking labels.


A Gourmet Artisan Brand

Grown-Up-Kids-Sauce-Weber1.jpgGrownUp KidStuff is a family-owned business out of Evanston, IL that specializes in artisan sauces. They make 4 chocolate sauces, a butterscotch and a caramel each packed in 11 ounce jars.

Like many other small businesses, GrownUp KidStuff must compete for shelf space and sales with long-established, national brands.

As a result, the job of standing apart from these mega-brands often relies on attractive labeling.

The label, designed by Don Strandell, underscores the playfulness of the company name while incorporating important product, nutritional and warming information. Unfortunately, they were having some challenges with their labels color consistency when we met them.


The HP Indigo Solution

We invited GrownUp KidStuff co-owners Don Strandell and Connie Wastcoat to our plant for a tour and to discuss their current label challenges.

After a discussion on color consistency and quantity we determined the best solution for their labels is to print them on the HP Indigo WS6000 digital label press.

Brands like GrownUp KidStuff do not have the space to hold an inventory of labels and often make changes to their products based on the demands of their customers. Running these on the digital press keeps their order minimums low and allows for even smaller minimums on one label and higher quantities for their most popular flavors.

Our Graphics team worked with the label designer, Strandell, to select the specific browns they wanted to be a part of every label.  We also made sure the label material could withstand the storage environment.  Chocolate sauce jars are stored on store shelves, refrigerators and heated in a microwave. Not only does our Semigloss material hold up to those changes but with the added laminate any sauce that touches the label will not ruin the design or wipe out important health information.

We understand that the package needs to represent the hard work Strandell and Wastcoat put into their work. A high-quality product shouldn't be packaged with a poor quality label.


Sweet Details 

Weber-Grown-Up-Kids-Sauce-close-up.jpgAnd it's not just color consistency and quality that GrownUp KidStuff considers with its label.

Every label on a jar of GrownUp KidStuff sauce also contains a charming sentence or two about the product inside.

Take a look at the description. You'll see certain letters in that phrase are tinted a slightly different color. If one puts those tinted letters together, what emerges is a sort of secret message.

For example, the Hot! Chocolate Sauce conceals the message: I spy a cocoa fiend.

It's another indication of how much GrownUp KidStuff cares about its brand and customers.

You can find their products in several regional grocery stores, specialty food shops and online.


If you're an artisan food brand like GrownUp KidStuff, contact our expert team to learn about the benefits of digital label printing for your brand. 

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