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Tougher Standards Sought for “Made in USA” Labels – We Could Help Make Compliance Easy

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Jun 5, 2012 9:30:00 AM

I recently read an article in The Washington Times asserting that many products that bear the label “Made in America” are largely built outside of the United States. In fact, according to the article, some products with as much as 90 percent of their components coming from outside the U.S. can still qualify for the “Made in America” label due to a loophole in the product-label system.

One California businessman, who claims the practice is deceptive, is working with his congressman to update existing labeling laws in an effort to give consumers a much better sense of where their products really come from.

It’s an interesting article that highlights the pros and cons of establishing – and complying with – new labeling guidelines. One potential pitfall, the article states, is that a new law would make it difficult for companies to print detailed product labels.

However, while it might be a chore to determine the exact percentages of the contribution of each country to the final product, today’s label printing technology makes it pretty easy to print the necessary details.

We often work with customers who need to make revisions to their labels. Common revisions include:

  • Address changes
  • New material because of a change in use
  • New company logo
  • New information about the product that needs to be labeled


If you print your own labels using our Legitronic® labeling software, you can make your own changes quickly and easily. If we print your labels, our graphics and customer service business teams can help make the changes as seamless as possible.

Here at Weber, we’ll be keeping an eye on any new guidelines for “Made in America” labeling and let you know if and when the measure will affect you. Luckily, new regulations take time to go into effect if they pass. This means plenty of time to plan for revisions and use up label inventory!


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