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High-Speed Print-Apply Just Got Easier With New Label/Ribbon Combo

Posted by Chris Erbach

May 16, 2019 7:01:35 AM

One of the biggest down-time issues facing large companies that use print-apply labeling systems is frequency of the label and ribbon changeovers. 

Single Print-Apply CartonLabel printer-applicators are the most efficient way to print variable data labels, like shipping labels, and apply them accurately on passing cartons and packages. But sooner or later you will have to shut down the line to change the empty label or ribbon rolls on each of your systems. A good operator can do that in a few minutes or even faster, but unless you have redundant systems that enable zero-down-time, you have to stop your production.

A typical label printer-applicator uses 12" diameter rolls of 4"x6" blank shipping labels and contains approximately 2500 labels per roll. If you are applying, say, 6 labels per minute (slow), that would be about 2880 labels per 8 hour shift. You would have to change a roll of labels every day. Faster line speeds would require multiple changes per day. And if you are running 10 or 20 labeling systems, that can be a time-consuming task.

And don't forget about the ribbons that go with the labels. You would probably be using a corresponding 4.02" x 1,476' wax ribbon to imprint your labels. Those are somewhat longer than your labels and would require a changeover shortly after you change your label roll. Minimum change would also be once a day on average. 

It adds up fast.

Meet Transthin 400 Labels

But Weber just introduced a new label and ribbon combination that can stretch your runtime and reduce the number of required changeovers.

Transthin-400-labels---12'-rollOur new Transthin 400 is a blank thermal-transfer label material that features both a thinner facesheet and a thinner release liner.

The facesheet is just 2.1 mils thick but still retains the excellent dispensing characteristics required for successful print-apply application.  

The release liner is just 1.5 mils thick but also retains the strength needed for the tension of the rewind reel. Transthin 400 uses a versatile acrylic emulsion adhesive that is well suited for corrugated and plastic packaging. 

The combination of a thinner liner and thinner facesheet adds up to more labels per 12" roll. Typically a 4" x 6" roll now contains 3820 labels (1950') instead of just 2500. That's over 50% more labels per roll! And that means you can run your production line longer without as many changeover stops and starts.

• Typical 12" diameter roll of 4" x 6" labels = 2500 labels

• Transthin 400 12" diameter roll of 4" x 6" labels = 3820 labels

New High-Speed ECO Ribbons

ECO-Thermal-Transfer-Ribbons-smallAnd, of course, Weber has developed a new complimentary ribbon to go with the Transthin 400 labels.

The High Speed ECO is a premium resin-enhanced wax ribbon that produces dense, dark and durable images on a wide variety of materials including uncoated and coated thermal transfer papers, flood-coats, and synthetic papers. This formula prints at speeds up to 12 IPS with outstanding edge definition on rotated and other complex barcode formats.

The ECO ribbons are available in a standard length of 1,476 feet for desktop printers and a longer 1,969 foot length for label printer-applicators. When paired with the new Transthin 400 label materials on 12" rolls, the ECO ribbons produces a 1:1 ratio match. Changeovers can be accomplished simultaneously, reducing the number of line shut-downs or pauses. 

If your company is looking to save production time as well as labor costs, it would be smart to look into the added benefits of using Transthin 400 thermal transfer labels along with the Weber ECO resin-enhanced wax ribbons. 

  • Reduced production pauses or downtime means increased case rates
  • Reduced labor costs replacing empty label and ribbon rolls
  • Faster printing speeds with best results using the ECO ribbon
  • 50% more labels per roll with Transthin 400 labels
  • 1:1 label-to-ribbon ratio with Transthin 400/ECO combination
  • Excellent label image density and durability
Get more information now about how you can start saving with Weber's new Transthin 400 thermal-transfer labels and high-speed ECO ribbons.


Transthin 400 Labels from Weber 

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