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4 Reasons to Use Go-Mark 100 Wax Ribbons

Posted by Chris Erbach

Jun 21, 2017 9:21:20 AM

What is the best ribbon to use in my thermal-transfer label printer?

Good question. 

Most people never stop to think about whether they are using the most efficient, cost-effective ribbon for their every-day labels. They just keep ordering the brand that came with their Zebra or Sato label printer.

But there have been many new advancements in ribbon technology that could help users save money on label costs and maintenance. So here are four good reasons to check and see if you are getting the best bang for your buck with your ribbons and how Weber's Go-Mark 100 ribbons might change your mind.

One: What are you labeling?

Zebra label printer with address labelMost people that use thermal-transfer label printers from manufacturers like Zebra, Datamax and Sato are printing simple paper labels for bar code or shipping labels. These labels are mostly single use, applied usually to a shipping carton or envelope, and don't need to last more than a week or so. They get ripped off and throw away after the package arrives. Done.

Barring any extreme handling or careless shipment, standard wax ribbons work just fine for shipping and bar code labels. Depending on the ribbon, you get a dark black transfer of the text or image onto plain paper labels that are fairly durable. But beware; some wax ribbons don't print dark enough or transfer the ink from the ribbon correctly, making the label hard to read. Buy quality wax ribbons from a good source.

Weber's Go-Mark 100 wax ribbons feature a rich blackness for basic label printing applications such as shipping and product identification labels. The new ribbons are compatible with both coated and uncoated label materials, working well with flood-coated color labels, too.

If you need a more durable print on your label, say for a label that will endure abrasion or needs to last more than a week, you can step up to a wax/resin formulation ribbon that will last longer. But the price increases, too. If you don't worry about harsh treatment or longevity, stick with simple wax ribbons.

Also, be sure to pick a ribbon that fits the size requirements of your label. Don't use a 4-inch wide ribbon if your label printing area is only 2 inches wide. You can use a less-expensive ribbon by selecting a ribbon just slightly wider than the label width. For example, if you have only a 2" wide label,  use a 2.36" width ribbon instead of a 4.06" ribbon which is more money per roll. But remember, it is important that the ribbon be slightly wider than the label to protect the printhead.

Two: Print head maintenance

One of the inherent problems with thermal-transfer label printing is keeping the print head happy. Inside each printer is a heating device that transfers the ink from the ribbon to the label surface. Read this blog of ours about to see how that works.

Go-Mark 100 Ribbon Group.jpgThe print head can get finicky when dirt and dust from the workplace (or just paper dust from the label roll) starts clogging it up.  Your label will have areas of missing print indicating it's time for maintenance on the printer.

And easy way to avoid this problem is to clean the print head after every ribbon change. But not many people want to take the time to open the print head and do the work.

The new Go-Mark 100 wax ribbons from Weber now come with a built-in Clean Start leader that automatically cleans your print head as you load each ribbon. It takes care of the dust and dirt while maintaining your printer every time you change ribbons. Simple. And no more missing print or stopping production to do housekeeping chores.



Three: Are you paying too much?

It seems like everyone out there is selling printer ribbons online. Some are good, some not so much. It all depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the ribbon. A good rock-bottom price on ribbons could mean that they are not the best quality (you get what you pay for). 

Other ribbons are needlessly expensive without giving you the high quality product you think you are getting.  Make sure you shop around and compare apples to apples. Check the specs and see if you are getting an inferior product or if you could be using something less expensive while getting better results.

Weber has reduced prices on their Go-Mark 100 wax ribbons by working with the manufacturer to increase quality while making the manufacturing process more efficient. Weber tested these ribbons in their quality lab to make sure they meet our tough requirements. The dramatic cost savings can then be passed down to the consumer. Go here and check out your ribbon-size pricing to see if you are paying too much.

Four: Made in the USA

made-in-USA-logo.jpgWhich brings us to another reason for the great prices on the Go-Mark 100 wax ribbons: they are made here in the USA. They are not shipped all the way from China. You can be assured of the quality of these ribbons while supporting workers here in the USA.

Weber has a wide range of ribbon sizes available at outstanding prices that get better as quantities increase.  Take a look today and see if you might need to switch to the Go-Mark 100 economy wax ribbon from Weber.


Go-Label has just about any kind of ribbon you may need for your label production including economical, high-performance, and extremely durable ribbons. Check out our complete line and find the right size for your printer. You'll find our prices are incredible and the ribbons are top quality. If you don't see what you need or have questions, please give us a call at 800-843-4242 and talk to one of our ribbon experts.

Not sure what thermal ribbon to use? Need some free ribbon samples to test with your label material? Give us a call today at 1.800.843.4242 or email us at for labeling supplies

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