Labeling Innovations from Weber

Introducing a New Line of Durable Labels

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Mar 13, 2015 1:42:18 PM

There are many instances where a label application requires a more durable material beyond that of a typical product label. These durable labels are used when a product requires UL recognized labels or the product will be stored in a harsher environment with a long shelf life.

For example, think about some of the electric tools in your garage (cordless drill, sander, table saw, etc.) or your furnace and central air conditioner. These products last for years and need important information about the product to be readable for the life of the item. If you look at them closely, you will see warning labels, instructions, rating plates, wiring diagrams,  UL recognized labels or other company information.

We're happy to announce that there is finally a reliable solution for low-volume durable labeling. With the introduction of our Durable Digital material line, you can now order as few of 500 labels printed on our HP digital presses.

The new materials are designed to be resistant to high temperatures, moisture, chemicals and UV exposure. This makes them perfect for warning decals, instruction labels, toy decoration, sporting equipment, tools and more.

Our new Durable Digital label material is designed to be used for printing labels on our HP Indigo WS4500 and WS6000 printing presses. Printing labels digitally means you can get high-resolution, full-color process printed durable labels at low quantities.

Plus, unlike Flexo printing, the HP Indigo digital press can print variable information on your labels. This is a great solution for labels that will have changing serial numbers or even colorful symbols


Let's take a look at Weber's new Durable Digital Label materials.

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5 Label Trends from Pack Expo 2014

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Nov 17, 2014 9:20:28 AM


Pack Expo 2014 at Chicago's McCormick Place was a huge success! Not only was this the biggest packaging trade show in terms of space with 1.2 million square feet of exhibits, but it was also record breaking in attendance as over 50,000 attended.

At Weber's booth, we talked to many new businesses and companies that were looking for ideas and solutions for their future labeling projects.

Since labeling covers just about every demographic and category, we helped customers with everything from labeling small cosmetic containers to craft beer bottles to high speed carton labeling at distribution centers.

Check out some of the trends we noticed from Pack Expo 2014.


Top 5 Label Trends

1) Pouch Labeling

Pouch packaging is in! For food products like granola, nuts and coffee beans, a stand-up pouch makes a big impact on the shelf and can be an affordable packaging option. The biggest issue for a lot of these businesses is the high minimums for pre-printed flexible pouch packaging.

A quick fix to this is to purchase blank or clear pouches and apply labels to handle the variable information. You can order a standard size label with your logo and variably print nutriitonal information or anything that changes among flavors. A popular solution to handle this of labeling a label printer-applicator or the  Alpha Compact label applicator system.


2) Craft Beverage Labeling

This year, more than ever, we received a lot of interest from craft breweries, small-batch distilleries and winery start ups.

The most common question among all three was how could they get low volume labels with an artisan look that give off a high-end image. To show how we can solve this problem, we handed out lots of beverage digital label samples that were a hit among the brewers and distillers. 

Our uniquely-designed craft beer labels were our most popular samples for attendees to take!


3) Sustainable Labels

Each year we notice more and more people requesting information on sustainable materials for their labels. Requests included labels that were biodegradable, recyclable or even made with post-consumer waste.

A wide variety of materials are available to fulfill this need. Talk to your label expert for details. Expect to see more demand for green labels!


4) Small Business Product Labeling

There were many small business owners who visited us at Pack Expo. Like the craft beverage industry, label volumes tend to be low and price is a major consideration.

Many of them are looking to get into promotional or personalized packaging. Both the HP Indigo digitally printed labels and the on-demand label printer, the QuadraColor, were popular among small businesses looking to improve their image.


5) Labeling Systems for Clamshells

A labeling challenge we hear a lot about involves clamshells. Standard wipe-on label applicators have trouble applying labels to these clamshells, especially at high speed.

This year many people were interested in our HERMA Tamp-Blow labeling system which accurately applies a label to the recessed area of the clamshell lid.  Because this is a non-contact labeling system, the HERMA Tamp-Blow can accurately apply labels to the recessed lid consistently and quickly.



If you couldn't make it to the show we have you covered! We can send you label samples from our booth. If you want to talk about an upcoming label project, talk to one of our labeling experts.


Get free label samples


We're also sharing our Pack Expo show discount! Use the code PE14 to receive 10% off a order. This offer expires 12-31-14!

See you next year in Las Vegas for Pack Expo 2015!


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6 Ways to Make Your Juice Label Stick Out

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Jul 24, 2014 11:08:00 AM


If you enjoy fresh juice like I do, then you've probably noticed a lot more options lately. From the crowded shelves at Whole Foods to the new juice bars popping up around town there seem to be new companies with new flavors every day.

The local juice bars are starting to venture into bottling and distribution while established brands are growing beyond their regional Whole Foods locations and becoming available nationally. As the competition grows between juice brands, the question asked is how do you make your product stand above the others? We thought you'd be interested in a few ways to make your juice label stick out in the crowd.

Here are 6 tips for juice labels and packaging.


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HP Indigo Digital Press Makes Personalized Packaging Possible

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Jul 17, 2014 2:09:08 PM

Share a Coke

The very popular "Share a Coke" campaign has officially come to the US! Last year our VP of Manufacturing visited HP Indigo's headquarters and learned all about the project that was sweeping Europe. This campaign encourages consumers to find their friend's name on a label and share it with them.

Now in US stores you can find Coke products with a unique name or saying instead of the traditional Coca-Cola logo. This campaign not only promotes personalization but it also encourages customers to engage with the brand by sharing a Tweet with a hashtag #ShareaCoke.

How did they choose these names?

The campaign is primarily targeting Millennial consumers who look for personalization in brands. Coca-Cola selected hundreds of the top names of Millenials for their labels. If your friend's name isn't included in this list, don't worry, they also created labels that say "Friend", "Star", and "Bestie" for millions of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coca-Cola bottles. Have you seen your name or a friend's on a label? Search for your name at the Share A Coke website.

HP Indigo Digital Printing Technology

This campaign would not be possible without digital print technology. To complete a project like this, Coca-Cola had the labels printed using several HP Indigo WS6000 digital presses.

Here's why:

On Press Variable Printing
The biggest aspect of this project is printing a large amount of SKUs or label versions. Typically a label project might have a family of a few flavors. That alone can be a challenge to print so imagine over 100 SKUs making up 800 million labels!

No Plates Required
If these were printed in a traditional method a plate would be required for each unique label. And every time the press would need to switch plates additional time, labor and cost would be required to complete the job. The digital press can easily switch from one name to the next without stopping the press.

Color Consistency
Color consistency is crucial for a project of this size. If the red doesn't come out "Coca-Cola red" each time it will be noticeable on the store shelf. We work with many food brands that require consistency for their digital labels and this is easily achieved on our HP Indigo presses.

One Shot Printing
With digital printing the entire image is printed in one shot. This means the label goes through one station to get the entire image rather than run through a long press that includes several ink stations. The HP Indigo process of printing all the colors on a blanket and then printing the image in one shot yields perfect color-to-color registration. No color trapping is required, allowing a clean crisp print job.

More Options
As you can see, using the HP Indigo press gives your company the flexibility to easily print variable data on your labels for personalization or other creative purposes. Coca-Cola used this feature to build brand loyalty with a younger generation of consumers while having a little fun along the way!

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4 Reasons Pressure-Sensitive Labels are Best for Craft Beer Labeling

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Mar 14, 2014 11:28:00 AM

The craft beer market is booming! With more competition on the store shelves, brewers need to utilize their labels as a power marketing tool more than ever.

One of the best ways to do this is with eye-catching pressure-sensitive labels. We've put together 4 reasons why pressure-sensitive labels are best.

But first, what is a pressure-sensitive label?

Pressure-sensitive labels are like stickers. They are made up of 3 parts: face stock, adhesive and liner. Normally these are created by the roll but can also be printed by the sheet. Traditionally the beer industry has used sheeted cut and stack labels. These labels are pre-printed on paper and then glue is applied to the label and bottle during the application process. 


Why Pressure-Sensitive Labels for Craft Beer Labels

The Digital Edge

The HP Indigo digital label press can print beautiful high-end labels. This printing method also requires less set up time than traditional printing allowing you to start at a much lower minimum order quantity. This is perfect for seasonal craft beer, small batch brewing or personalized event themed labels.

The standard order minimum for labels printed on the digital press is just 500. This gives the brewer flexibility to order only the amount they need and not hold on to a lot of label inventory. And it gives you the freedom to try new flavors because the initial expense is so low.

Unique Shapes

Pressure-sensitive label are die cut into the size and shape you want for your bottle. In addition to the hundreds of die sizes there are already available, you can be creative with your bottle design and order a unique, one-of-a-kind shape. Plus, if your labels are printed digitally there is no extra cost for a die.


Durable Materials

Cut and stack labels come in paper only. If you want a label that will perform well in a wet environment like an ice bucket or cooler, then a pressure-sensitive label is the best option. They won't dissolve or come loose in water.

Pressure-sensitive labels also have the ability to add laminates or varnishes to protect the label artwork or give it a special texture.

You can also choose a clear film label material which isn't an option with paper glue labels. This allows you to create see-through labels or unique shapes that seem to float on the bottle. This is a popular effect on many high-end vodka products.


Labeling Equipment

Pressure-sensitive labeling is a clean efficient process. Label applicators range from simple inexpensive table-top wrap systems, to a wrap system with a conveyor to a labeler that can apply multiple labels per bottle. These bottle labeler are automated systems that remove the label from its liner and apply it to the bottle. Depending on the size of your typical bottling run, there is a label applicator perfect for you that will apply your labels efficiently, quickly, and even get them on straight!



Remember, you have options when choosing your craft beer label material. But we think craft beer labeling using pressure-sensitive labels is the best way to showcase your brand.

Weber has decades of experience printing labels for the beverage industry. Let us show you how we can make your craft beer stand out from the crowd with a great looking pressure-sensitive label.

Get Craft Beer Label Samples

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Sweet Food Labeling

Posted by Margaret O'Leary

Feb 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When I think about February, I always think of chocolate. It's a month full of Valentine's Day sweets! To celebrate we're highlighting our friends at GrownUp KidStuff. They produce delicious gourmet chocolate sauces and use visually-striking labels.


A Gourmet Artisan Brand

GrownUp KidStuff is a family-owned business out of Evanston, IL that specializes in artisan sauces. They make 4 chocolate sauces, a butterscotch and a caramel each packed in 11 ounce jars.

Like many other small businesses, GrownUp KidStuff must compete for shelf space and sales with long-established, national brands.

As a result, the job of standing apart from these mega-brands often relies on attractive labeling.

The label, designed by Don Strandell, underscores the playfulness of the company name while incorporating important product, nutritional and warming information. Unfortunately, they were having some challenges with their labels color consistency when we met them.


The HP Indigo Solution

We invited GrownUp KidStuff co-owners Don Strandell and Connie Wastcoat to our plant for a tour and to discuss their current label challenges.

After a discussion on color consistency and quantity we determined the best solution for their labels is to print them on the HP Indigo WS6000 digital label press.

Brands like GrownUp KidStuff do not have the space to hold an inventory of labels and often make changes to their products based on the demands of their customers. Running these on the digital press keeps their order minimums low and allows for even smaller minimums on one label and higher quantities for their most popular flavors.

Our Graphics team worked with the label designer, Strandell, to select the specific browns they wanted to be a part of every label.  We also made sure the label material could withstand the storage environment.  Chocolate sauce jars are stored on store shelves, refrigerators and heated in a microwave. Not only does our Semigloss material hold up to those changes but with the added laminate any sauce that touches the label will not ruin the design or wipe out important health information.

We understand that the package needs to represent the hard work Strandell and Wastcoat put into their work. A high-quality product shouldn't be packaged with a poor quality label.


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